NTE I-35W TEXpress Lanes Map

The TEXpress Lanes on I-35W / North Freeway, which are an extension of the NTE TEXpress Lanes, will open in two phases:

  • Phase 1 / Toll Segment 4 - From I-820 north to just past US 287 is open
  • Phase 2 / Toll Segment 3 - From downtown Fort Worth north to I-820 is slated for a Fall 2018 opening

Phase 1 Southbound I-35W Ramps 

  • The Heritage Trace Parkway Entrance ramp is located on the general highway lanes past N. Tarrant Parkway
  • The US 287 South Entrance ramp is on the southbound US 287 general highway lanes
  • The Basswood Boulevard Entrance ramp is located on the southbound frontage road past Basswood Boulevard
  • The I-35W/820 Exit ramp, the only southbound exit, is located past Western Center Boulevard and places all TEXpress Lanes drivers onto the southbound I-35W general highway lanes to allow them to access southbound I-35W and eastbound and westbound I-820

The I-35W/820 Exit ramp is not a direct connector to the eastbound I-820 TEXpress Lanes. Direct connectors to/from I-820 will open with Phase 2 in 2018.

Phase 1 Northbound I-35W Ramps

  • The I-35W/820 Entrance ramp is accessible from the northbound I-35W general highway lanes, past I-820 and Fossil Creek Drive
  • The Basswood Boulevard Exit ramp is located past Western Center Boulevard and places drivers onto the frontage road with access to Basswood Boulevard
  • The US 287 North Exit ramp is located north of Basswood Boulevard and serves as a direct connector to US 287 north
  • The Heritage Trace Parkway Exit, the last northbound exit, places drivers on the I-35W general highway lanes past N. Tarrant Parkway


NTE TEXpress Lanes I-35W Corridor Map