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Take a look at some of the press releases we've written about the overall North Tarrant Express project and the new TEXpress Lanes.

First TEXpress Lanes Open on I-35W

July 27, 2017

First TEXpress Lanes Open on I-35W

 Who: NTE Mobility Partners (NTEMP) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will open the first segment of NTE TEXpress (Managed) Lanes on I-35W in Fort Worth just in time for morning peak traffic on Friday, July 21.

 What: The section of interstate north of the I-820/35W interchange to North Tarrant Parkway is quickly moving toward completion. TxDOT continues to finalize construction on the main highway lanes, service roads and intersections while NTEMP has taken over activity in the TEXpress Lanes setting gantries and testing the electronic tolling system.

 Where: Southbound I-35W traffic can enter the NTE TEXpress Lanes just north of Basswood Boulevard [or south of US 287] and exit south of Western Center Boulevard in order to continue south, west or east. This will last until final construction of the I-35W/820 interchange.

Northbound I-35W traffic can enter the NTE TEXpress Lanes just south of Western Center Boulevard and can exit north of Basswood Boulevard into the general highway lanes or can continue to US 287 North exit.

As construction continues other connectors will open as completed, expanding the capacity of the new corridor. The Basswood Entrance ramp is scheduled to open in the coming weeks.

 How: Here is what the tolling will look like for the first few months.

 $0.75 for the segment at night and $1.10 during the midday;

 Morning and afternoon peak prices will be between $1.25 and $1.50

 As usual, non-TollTag holders and trucks will pay a premium.

 As the system evaluates the daily traffic behavior, prices will be updated periodically during the first six months of operations.

 Toll prices on the NTE TEXpress Lanes will then be adjusted in real-time (dynamic) at the six-month mark.


 Background: Background: The 3.6-mile segment north of I-820 is part of a 10-mile corridor that began construction in 2013 and is estimated for completion in fall 2018. NTEMP will operate and maintain the entire corridor.