NTE I-35W Project

The North Tarrant Express along the North Loop of 820 and Airport Freeway is fully operational and the focus is on the reconstruction of I-35W from downtown Fort Worth north to US 287.

Separated into two phases, the 10.1-mile I-35W project will relieve congestion, improve safety and provide for anticipated traffic growth in one of the country’s fastest developing regions and interstate highways in the country.

  • Phase 1:           I-820 to US 287 – Now open
  • Phase 2:           Downtown Fort Worth to the I-820 interchange – 28TH Street to I-820 is now open; I-30 to 28TH Street will be completed in summer 2018

As with all other TEXpress Lanes in North Texas, this project will improve the efficiency of the highway system by offering drivers a reliable choice during heavy congestion between the general highway lanes and two new NTE TEXpress Lanes in each direction.

Reconstruction of I-35W

10.1 miles of new TEXpress Lanes from downtown Fort Worth to US 287 will increase the capacity of the highway, reduce traffic congestion and give drivers more control over your daily commute.

Your Experience Enhanced

The project will reconstruct interchanges, add additional highway capacity, and upgrade existing facilities to optimize operations.

The Choice of a Faster Commute

I-35W drivers will have the choice to use the improved free lanes, or to pay for a faster and more reliable commute along the new TEXpress Lanes. The choice is up to you on how you want to cruise.

A New 35W Coming Soon

Construction along 35W continues to make progress, with new NTE TEXpress Lanes from 28TH Street to past US 287 now open. The extension from I-30 to 28TH Street is slated for a summer 2018 opening.

Fixed pricing for first 6 months

Fixed Pricing for 6 Months

The NTE TEXpress Lanes on I-35W will have fixed time-of-day pricing for the first six months of operation, then change to fluctuating congestion-management pricing to keep traffic flowing 24/7.


  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Revitalizing Your Roadway
  • Choose to Cruise
  • New Lanes in No Time
  • Toll Prices on I-35W